Meet Our Donors

Frederick and Virginia Hatch

Meet Our Donors

Our donors are the reason we are able to fund important research, community projects, and healthcare initiatives needed to build healthier lives.

We are thankful for our donor's generosity and support! Click any of the pictures on this page to read more about our donors' stories.

Oscar Richter and
Inge Gaiss

New Jersey

That was when I realized the importance of the American Heart Association and how our gifts make a difference.

John and
Anita Casazza


Charitable gift annuities are steady income you can count on for the rest of your life. Everyone should give back a little of what they've been given.

Bill and
Doris Jaeger


It's important to acknowledge how blessed we are to have talented doctors who can turn your life around and make miracles happen, but those miracles are the result of many!

Jeanean M. Bryant


I'd like for The American Heart Association to facilitate a program that educates young scholars on healthy lifestyles. If they get it when they're young, it will live with them for a lifetime.

Andreas and
Elmerice Traks


Giving back is important to us. We are of two countries - Estonia and the United States. America has been our home for more than half a century. We are grateful for our life here and want to help others.

Eugene Calman


My main reason for giving is to support the association's research Eugene says. I want to help other people that suffer from heart disease.

Survivor Stories

Dan Merritt

Dan had a stroke while waiting for a doctor’s appointment on Halloween, and then a second later that night. After a third cryptogenic stroke, finding answers became the trick.

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